We don't place any other banners - ours don't show as often as the grids fill up.  Each ad rotates randomly until 10000 or 50000 impressions have been reached so there is no time limit!

Rainbow Banner Ads are not responsible if you choose to click through to a website which may or may not be free to join. 

We make no claims you will make money by using this website to place your banner(s)

This is an affiliate site where advertiser may receive a commission if you join any of the sites featured on the banner network. If you join any of these programs, you join them at your own risk. Some sites have an option to join for free, if you choose to pay to join, the onus is on you. Earnings are not guaranteed. This is an advertising site where individuals may display a banner leading to a number of programs - We accept no responsibility for the contents. Remember - there is nothing to join, no complicated packages and no advertising is required. You won't receive any emails, there is no need to recruit anyone - this is NOT a membership site.




Eye Catching Banners Ads - $1.00

Eye Catching Banners Ads from Rainbow Adboard will get you the visitors you want! This is a low cost way to advertise and your 125x125  banners will be seen for 1 year in random sequence 24/7.  We don't scroll your banner across the screen, they stay until another visitor comes along giving you more chance of someone clicking through to YOUR site, not risking them waiting for your ad to scroll again or yours being missed altogether. 

  • We advertise on all the major adboards, email ads and other advertising sites including classified sites and web directories. 
  • These is nothing to join, no ad packs to buy, no advertising is required and we don't ask you to refer new members!
  • Don't pay $10 a month like on some sites!  Get your space now for only $1.00 for 1 year
  • Banners begin rotating as soon as they are approved which can at some times be almost instantly or within 12 hrs.
  • We only show 'Button' banners 125x125



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Almost every Webmaster has tried a banner exchange at least once. While many have ideas about what they might expect the exchange to provide, only a few know how these exchanges really work.  As you can see these ads will catch visitors eyes.  These banners are also seen each time a visitor comes from one of our adboard ads, email ads and other advertising sites and are potentially seen 1000s of times.

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